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Seanbaby and Brockway are once again joined by bestselling author and licensed raconteur Jason Pargin to discuss Charles Fitzgerald, possibly the best liar who has ever lived. If he was telling the truth, we will gladly send our apologies to his corpse on the moon.The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and the Auralnauts' Zak Koonce share a keystone of their personalities with Brockway: 1993's UFC 1. The very first big, made-for-tv MMA tournament back before anybody had any idea what any of that meant. The announcers were lost, the referees were out of their depth, the fights lasted two minutes, and everybody involved hated it. It was wo…
Seanbaby and Brockway lock themselves in a room with Lydia Bugg and battle their collective comedy knowledge against Documental, the Japanese reality TV show that locks comedians in a room and fines them $10,000 if they laugh. Japan!The Dogg Zzone による
Hey hey! It's the PoxCo Regional Wrestling finals! A stunning display of skill, strategic drug use, and clashing meat! Seanbaby and Brockway duck out early to make room for your announcers: Rick Ravage "The Above Average Savage" and Dr. Chance Penis, who are not provably Seanbaby and Brockway doing goofy voices. Not in any US court anyway.…
Seanbaby and Brockway invite the wonderful Maggie Mae Fish to the kumite of podcasts in order to discuss Bloodsport in positive terms only. If you're looking for film criticism here, you'll only find a blindfolded full-splits Dim Mak to the crotch.The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby, Brockway, and Lydia Bugg continue their Pop Culture Investigations, wherein they try to solve crimes that were already solved just by tracking the work of the criminal. This time around, they're after Bill Cosby: Will they be able to trap Bill Cosby, convicted sex criminal, using only his own subpar comedy books? Hopefully! He's already i…
Seanbaby and Brockway choose Auralnauts' Zak Koonce to be their fighter, as they tackle the entire Mortal Kombat cinematic universe and finish it with an Animality just like their best friend, a Native American, taught them to.The Dogg Zzone による
Cruel taskmaster Seanbaby pits Brockway against special guest Katie Goldin, from Creature Feature! Will her creature knowledge help her in this comic book quiz loosely based on animals? No! Will her last name help her identify bizarre Golden Age characters? Also no!The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby lays a cunning trap for Brockway and special guest Soren Bowie: One that appeals to their egos. The challenge is to just sit there and listen to somebody else read their work back to them. They fall for it! They regret it! You probably will, too!The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway entice Cristian Ramirez with the seduction books and cheesecake photos of Don Diebel: The Least Fuckable Man In Texas. Prepare to get mad at strippers and steal the soul of a neglected dog in this adventure through the entire sad career of a horny lunatic!The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway take a lavish boat ride with Lydia Bugg, where they discuss the final episode of Megan Wants A Millionaire - the reality show with at least one secret murderer! Brockway makes his final accusation, and we find out if he's right, or if it doesn't matter because this happened 12 years ago.…
Seanbaby and Brockway desperately need the help of Lydia Bugg to track the real murderer hiding in the real reality show, Megan Wants a Millionaire. Brockway still doesn't know who the murderer is, and nobody will tell him! Even with lives on the line! This is the first unaired episode, pulled right after the murder. The best clue yet! Help Brockwa…
Seanbaby and Brockway detain Lydia Bugg for questioning. The question: Which one of the reality TV show "hunks" in Megan Wants a Millionaire is actually a murderer? Brockway doesn't know! He's on the hunt! Don't tell him! He has to learn how to do this on his own!The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway detain Lydia Bugg and enlist her in the hunt for a reality show murderer. Somebody on the reality TV show, Megan Wants a Millionaire, was actually a murderer! Brockway doesn't know who it is! Join him on the hunt for JUSTICE.The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway cast Eddie Doty on his ability to bring chaos to the house as they watch an old reality show that secretly harbored an actual murderer! Brockway doesn't know who the murderer is, and you're not allowed to tell him! Even if they're right behind him!The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway light five candles rendered from the fat of a treasured goat and lo! They summon Jason Pargin! It's time to talk about the Satanic Panic, and the most ridiculous book to come out of it: Satanic Ritual Abuse - A Therapist's Handbook.The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway shanghai Tom Reimann of Gamefully Unemployed and will not release him until he explains the worst TV show that he still loves. We talk Nightman, we talk Werewolf, we talk Danger Island, we talk Chongo. We talk a lotta Chongo, folks.The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway skate up to David Bell and peer pressure him into revealing his Miami Connection. Brockway loses his Equilibrium and Seanbaby Traxx down a wanted criminal. It's Worst Movies We Still Love! You'll learn way more than you think on this one. For example: Did you know some art is good? Stay tuned for more bombshells!…
Seanbaby and Brockway put on paper sacks and seize Daniel O'Brien at a bus stop, then force him to read the craziest karate book ever written. You'll laugh, you'll karate, you'll heal this broken country once and for all.The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway bring in a ringer, Jason Pargin, to discuss people who have become the cruelest possible joke about themselves. They discuss Dennis Miller, they discuss Steven Seagal, they do terrible Dennis Miller impressions for a long time, they make fun of Steven Seagal eating a carrot for a VERY long time.…
Seanbaby and Brockway commandeer the vast and terrifying intellect of Secretly Incredibly Fascinating's Alex Schmidt to discuss their favorite conmen, their preferred grifts, scam countries, and psychic assassins. A good time was had by all! Including you!The Dogg Zzone による
Seanbaby and Brockway demand the presence of author Jason "David Wong" Pargin to explain the most important movie genre: Over the Top. Also discussed: Road House, The Wizard, and Duets. You will literally not believe us about Duets. You'll look it up after this.The Dogg Zzone による
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