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Here we take a slight departure and focus on faith, namely the personal path I've taken to find my own faith. I also share one of the mental thought practices I learned while taking spiritual direction with the Jesuits.Southern Demonology による
On this Halloween night, we talk about curses from both the perspectives of the ancient Israelites and Japanese Shintoism. We then wrap up with a discussion about dreams and how one I had as a kid might foretell the day that I die.Join our Discord community and discuss any questions and participate in our friendly conversations at https://discord.g…
Hold on to your britches ladies and gentlemen! In this episode, we discuss the least well understood religion that has had a huge impact upon both Judaism and Christianity in profound ways: namely with its extremely well-formed dualism.Southern Demonology による
We launch a new series (not sequentially released) exploring the named demons, the most frequently requested topic! This first episode deals all about the devil. Starting from more personal experiences, we then delve into the Prayer to St Michael to explore the devil through that lens. As always, visit us on or jo…
We talk about what makes an effective horror movie/novel/short in addition to discussing the new Netflix series Juon: Origins. In the second half, we have our very first community member spotlight interview with Josh who is an active member in our discord and on Facebook.Southern Demonology による
In this very special edition, Jennifer Abowd provides us with an interview, discussing the Ethiopian Jewish diaspora and all the intricacies of history that followed.Southern Demonology による
Here we go over Psalm 91 and the host of demonic entities that it refers to in veiled ways. We also go over how this is connected to the Dead Sea Scrolls and is a predecessor of the Four Horsemen found in Revelation.Musical Interlude is "Sardonicus," available at Demonology による
In this episode, in addition to an embarrassing story about myself, I go through various models of knowledge, how brittle they are, and what we can learn from that. I finally tie it all back into how the ancients thought about knowledge and the world around them.Southern Demonology による
In this episode, I share news about why this episode was delayed, how I've been spending my days, and news about a new discord server that I've set up for this channel. Visit it at Demonology による
For Episode 14, we mix it up a little bit and discuss one favorite (and not so favorite) horror movies and series in addition to exploring the old horror movie axiom "We're more open to the paranormal as kids."Southern Demonology による
This episode concludes a three part series into the demons that resonated so strongly in the Pseudepigrapha. In this episode, we look at Lilith, the so called mother of demons and trace her history.Southern Demonology による
Herein we discuss one of the greatest paradigm shifts that's ever occurred in the Judaeo-Christian tradition--dualism--and how the giants from last episode had a hand in that.Southern Demonology による
In this week's Southern Demonology, we take a look at the Giants--the Nephilim--to see how they are portrayed in Genesis, the Book of Jubilees, and 1 Enoch and how the Essenes still thought they posed an active threat to humanity.Southern Demonology による
In this episode, we talk about some reimaginings that religion, angels, and demons have gone through, both good and bad, and how that pertains to a recent example brought to us through Japanese anime.Southern Demonology による
In this episode, we discuss the movie the Nun and use that as a jumping-off point for discussing modern exorcism and demonology.Southern Demonology による
An interview conducted between the host of and myself concerning demons, both historical and present day.Southern Demonology による
In this episode, I explain why Southern Demonology has been away for much longer than expected and discuss past and upcoming horror movies.Southern Demonology による
In this episode, we provide an update on why we've been away so long (as well as an apology), announce our new website at, and go over a paranormal activity that was experienced while on a ghost tour in Williamsburg, VA.Southern Demonology による
In this Mothers Day episode, I run through some spooky stories involving my grandmother and mother, the two women who raised me. I love you mom! Break music is provided by purple planet music ( Demonology による
In this episode, we discuss ancient Judaism, how this complicates getting to the root of the demonic, and finally getting into exactly what the preternatural and a demon actually is.Southern Demonology による
In this episode of Southern Demonology, we begin a multi-part conversation regarding the preternatural and the nature of demons in addition to exorcism. In this first part, I go through my own religious experiences and how important this topic is.Southern Demonology による
In this episode of Southern Demonology, we take a look at how I arrived in Japan, the strange supernatural experience I had while living there, and some of the basic differences between the East and West when it comes to spirits.Southern Demonology による
The second podcast of Southern Demonology. In this episode, we cover the Dead Sea Scrolls: their history, impact upon academia, the prayer found in 4Q510-11, and some basics of Second Temple Judaism.Southern Demonology による
The inaugural podcast of Southern Demonology. In this episode, we cover what the show will and will not cover in addition to the Debtera priests of Ethiopia and their ability to craft protection scrolls based off from demonic energy.Southern Demonology による
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