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Crafty Rogues

Crafty Rogues

The Crafty Rogues

The Crafty Rogues is a podcast featuring John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn. Cosgrove is from Aghadrumsee in Northern Ireland. Quinno is from Wollongong in Australia. Between them they’ve watched/attended/played thousands of games of football/futbol/soccer. However, they’re just as happy talking about music, movies, food, drink, politics, drink, books, culture, the ex-pat experience, and drink. The Crafty Rogues, available each week wherever you access your podcasts. Could be tasty.
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With Quinno still supping pints in the Emerald Isle with his mate, Feeney, Cosgrove invited a man who could see the Queen from his bedroom window as a kid, Daniel Thomas Michael James Stockton. The chat was fast paced and to the point. Unusual for this podcast!The Crafty Rogues による
Prince, the Pope, 'Dead or Alive', 'Talking Heads', transgender athletes, Bill Murray, Adrian Heath, Eddie Charlton, the Crusades, and a chat with special guest Twin Cities Robert Emmets Hurling Club coach, Pete Farrell. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a show.The Crafty Rogues による
Music's Bruce Springsteen got a mention this week. He deserved it. TV's Derry Girls got a mention this week. They deserved it too. Football's Jake Daniels got a mention this week. No one deserved it more than him. Well played, that man.The Crafty Rogues による
With Cosgrove off working in sunny California duuuuuude, the boys combined a couple of pre-recorded interviews. If you're not familiar with the names Manchán Magan and Jeff Cowmeadow, you're about to be. This is interesting stuff.The Crafty Rogues による
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