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The Suicide Squad is back and better than ever! Come join us as we discuss all of the zany characters that comprise this movie. We take on the plot and action, costumes and original material. We also chat about upcoming movies and Jeremy’s workshop.Jeremy Mace and Stuart Stincer による
We go over each episode of Loki, talking about what worked, what didn't work, and we try to wrap our brains around this crazy multiverse! We also discuss a workshop that Jeremy is putting together centered around comics and creativitivy. Stay tuned to our Facebook/Instagram pages for more information coming soon.…
Join us as we delve into the world of X-Men! We talk about our journey's into discovering the X-Men. We talk about our favorite teams, characters, story lines, and movies. So come join us in celebrating all things X!Jeremy Mace and Stuart Stincer による
We delve into all things Falcon and Winter Soldier. We discuss our expectations, the storyline, the action, costumes, original material and tackle the themes brought up during the series. There is also a bonus discussion about Jonathan Hickman's X-Men run.Jeremy Mace and Stuart Stincer による
We discuss the King himself, Jack Kirby. We talk about his time during World War II, his entrance into comics, his creations and works. We discuss the collaboration and strained relationship between the King and Stan Lee and talk about who created what.Jeremy Mace and Stuart Stincer による
We are a bit late to the party but we couldn't help but share our thoughts on WandaVision! We take a series overview, discussing what we were hoping for, what we enjoyed in the script, and what are some hints to come! We also get in to some key works, most notably House Of M.Jeremy Mace and Stuart Stincer による
It is finally here! Endgame has landed! With our special guest Danielle Whiting, we dive into the final chapter of the Infinity Saga. We go thru the script, action, soundtrack, easter eggs and more! Join us as we celebrate this epic film and the ultimate payoff 11 years in the making.Jeremy Mace and Stuart Stincer による
The time has finally arrived. After talking about Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo in nearly every podcast, we finally dive into the comic series that started it all for me: The Court of Owls. Listen as we dive into a masterpiece. What is the Court of Owls? Are they real? What are the ties they have to Batman? Join us as we see Batman go from a confid…
Captain Marvel has arrived! Along with our guest TJ we dive deep into the movie, discussing our favorite moments, the script, the soundtrack, costumes. Name it and we talk about it. So be our guest as we jump once again into the Marvel universe.Jeremy Mace and Stuart Stincer による
As we look to the future of what Endgame holds, we look back at 1991's Infinity Gauntlet to see if we can find connecting pieces with the MCU. We go thru all six issues and discuss everything from the creators, to the plot, and to easter eggs. How does this event hold up to today? Join us and find out!…
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