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At one of Israel’s greatest feasts, Jesus stood up and declared that everything they were celebrating - light, freedom and deliverance - all pointed to him. In this sermon, Lars looks at Jesus’ claim to be the light of the world, come to illuminate us and lead us to life.Lars Due-Christensen による
Jesus miraculously fed 5,000 people, and whilst the crowds were marvelling, he used that miracle to make his first I Am saying. In the first talk of this series, Jo Wells considers Jesus’ claim to be the bread of life, the one who meets our deepest hunger.Jo Wells による
Paul’s parting words to the Colossians encourage them to be prayerful, watchful and thankful, using our time and our words wisely. In the final talk of our series, Raph considers how we should seek to live, helping others to find faith in Jesus.Raph Arthur による
Romans chapter 5 paints a beautiful picture of God's loving pursuit of His children. In this talk from our Church Summer Retreat, Andy takes us through this passage and draws out what it means to truly know God's love, and to boast in the hope of the glory of God.Andy Tilsley による
The word repentance can often have negative connotations. But in this talk from our Church Summer Retreat, Hannah looks at Psalm 51, which shows us that repenting can actually be a beautiful act of bringing our whole selves to God - our sin, our pain, our suffering - and finding He meets us with love, forgiveness and acceptance.…
The good news of Jesus changes everything. Paul says we have died with Christ, been raised with him, our lives are now hidden with him, and we will appear with him in glory. In this talk, Nicole unpacks the significance of the gospel and considers what it looks like to live now as the people we will become: a new humanity.…
In chapter 2, Paul addresses some of the things that were tempting the Colossians away from Christ, and shows how Jesus’ death and resurrection have overcome them. In this talk Sarah reflects on Paul’s teaching, and helps us consider what forms of self-made religion may tempt us similarly today.Sarah Cobbold による
The amazing mystery of the gospel is that Christ now dwells within us, and he works within us to bring us to maturity. In this talk, Ed looks at how Paul describes his own life and ministry, and considers the implications for our own lives.Ed Chan Stroud による
Paul’s letter to the Colossians begins with an epic poem, celebrating the supremacy of Christ - the creator and redeemer of all things. In the first talk of our new series, Catherine unpacks this poem and helps us to marvel at the wonder of who Jesus is and what he has done.Catherine Ishola による
How should we respond when we are wronged, or when confronted with opposition? Paul instructs his readers not to repay evil with evil but to live at peace as much as we can. In the final talk of this series, Joel unpacks this instruction and considers how we are to be peacemakers.Joel Wade による
When we are wronged, we can easily feel tempted to retaliate, defend ourselves and seek revenge. But Paul says there is a better way. In the final talk of our series, Liam considers how and why we should resist vengeance, and what it means to trust in the justice of God.Liam Thatcher による
All of us go through different seasons; seasons of joy and celebration, and seasons of hardship and sorrow. But none of us should go through them alone. In this talk, David looks at Paul’s instructions for us to walk through each season together, rejoicing and mourning with one another.David Stroud による
It’s one thing to say we love others; it’s another thing to demonstrate it through concrete actions. One of the key ways we can love and serve one another is through living generously. In this talk, Tim considers how we can build a community in which people’s needs are met, we enjoy being together, and we are known for our hospitality.…
Following Jesus was never meant to be dull. But often challenging seasons can rob us of our spiritual vibrancy. In this talk, Liam considers how we can cultivate a vibrant spiritual life rejoicing in hope, being patient in trials, and constant in prayer.Liam Thatcher による
We all like the idea of love. But much of what we consider to be love is little more than sentimentalism. If the church is to thrive, we need to cultivate genuine love for one another; love that celebrates the good, and protects against that which is evil. In the third talk of our series Jo looks at Paul’s instructions to love and honour one anothe…
All of us have different gifts. It can be tempting to value certain gifts and skills more than others, but every gift is needed if the church is to flourish. In this talk, David looks at Paul’s picture of the church as a body, and considers the importance of humility and service.David Stroud による
It’s a well-known idea that we become what we behold. The things to which we give our time, attention and worship have the power to shape our thinking and our lives. In the first talk of our new series, Andy looks at Romans 12:1-2 and considers what it means for us to have our minds renewed and transformed by God.…
In Acts 4, the church prayed for God to give them courage and stretch out His hand in signs and wonders. In the final talk of our series, Liam unpacks their prayer and considers what it means for us, as we seek to live lives filled with the Spirit of God.Liam Thatcher による
After Jesus had ascended to heaven, the disciples were filled with longing for God's Kingdom to come. In this talk from our Vision Sunday, David Stroud considers how we too are filled with longing as we come out of lockdown, and how we can be encouraged by this account from the book of Acts.David Stroud による
The Bible ends with the promise of New Creation. A world in which there is no more pain. But right now, we still live in a broken world. In the final week of our series, Hannah considers how the Holy Spirit empowers us to live in hope, as we await Jesus’ return.Hannah Elwyn による
One of the ways that the Holy Spirit helps us is by strengthening us to resist the temptations of sin and to walk in freedom. In this talk, Lars considers what it looks like to draw near to grace, and receive help from the Spirit in our time of need.Lars Due Christensen による
In the book of Acts, the early church experiences persecution, but they also know peace, strength and encouragement from the Holy Spirit. In this talk, David Stroud considers how we can receive peace and strength from the Holy Spirit as we come out of lockdown.David Stroud による
The Apostle Paul wrote that the Holy Spirit gives supernatural gifts to all who are eager for them. In this talk, Jo Wells considers how we should eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit, and particularly how we can learn to hear from God today.Jo Wells による
After the brutal events of Good Friday, it looked like all hope was lost. Jesus lay in a grave. But then came Easter Sunday, when the Holy Spirit filled his body, raised him from the dead, and brought about the hope of new life.Joel Wade による
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