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Continuing where last week’s cliffhanger ended, we’re back with the second half of our talk with Jen and Rachael. Don’t forget to check out their podcast, the False Bottomed Girls. The full 2-part session is also now available on the hopnology YouTube channel!hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer による
If listening to Gregg and James trip over each other wasn’t enough, now there are four of us! In part 1 of a 2-part series with the False Bottomed Girls we learn about Jen and Rachael and their roles at New Realm and Pilot Brewing. You can find their podcast at False Bottomed Girls wherever you get your audio streaming needs.…
A gaggle of walkie-talkies, whether your potassium is pregnant and other measurements you’ve never heard of. This is Part 2 of our lists of things you need to run your hopyard. You can see our recommended items on a shared Amazon list at Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer による
We last spoke about brewery collaborations waaaay back in episode #2. The pandemic has opened up new opportunities for these cross-brewery partnerships so we’re revisiting the whys and hows of these pairings.hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer による
How do you know when it’s time to take that next step? There are many different ways to grow, and many reasons to do it. Also, since this is us, there are lots of misleading reasons that should be red flags and make you think twice.hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer による
When are your cones ready to harvest? How much water should you use? What happens when you spray here but not there? Well you did the same things last year, do you remember what happened? Were you taking notes to refer back to now? Take control of your Information Destiny (patent-pending @hopnology).…
We had the privilege of speaking with New Glarus Brewing founder Dan Carey in early September (he lost a bet). The video is also available on our YouTube channel at: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer による
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