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At the half-way point in the book of Jonah we see God calling him to a new beginning. He goes to Nineveh where he preaches a simple message of condemnation. The Ninevites repent and God repents of his plan of destruction. Come explore this chapter with me!Allen Wright による
Jonah finds himself in the belly of a sea monster. He composes a beautiful prayer that has elements of Psalms, Deuteronomy and Exodus. We are like Jonah in many ways. People who struggle with life and God's directions. We are people who are flawed and in need of God's grace.Allen Wright による
Romans 8:31,32 begins an encouraging section and perhaps one of the most well known sections of scripture. I entitled it, "Four 'Who' Questions with the same answer." There are 7 questions in this section which I divide into four "Who" questions. The first is "Who can be against us?"Allen Wright による
When one studies this passage, most commentaries either direct the reader toward a "Calvinistic" view or explains "Free Will". Understanding this passage in context will show that Paul's point here is not a deep theological statement but instead is meant to be highly encouraging to Christians living in a suffering world.…
In the middle of suffering and with the creation, ourselves and the Holy Spirit groaning, how can good come out of all this bad? The verse begins by saying, "We know". How can we know all things work together for good when we see so much evil in the world?Allen Wright による
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