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After listening to a podcast dissecting the postmodernism of Tom Six's magnum opus, the Human Centipede trilogy, the boys of Act Our Age (played by Harrison, David, and Bank) embark on an experiment of their own to recreate the Three Pedes in a Pod (First Sequence).Act Our Age による
Cereal is an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Andrew Morgenthaler, David Schwartz, and Harrison Stamell, narrating a cereal-related story over one episode. The episode was co-created and is co-produced by Morgenthaler, Schwartz and Stamell and is not developed by This American Life.Act Our Age による
In this episode, David, Harry, and Bank are joined by certified Bro™ Nick Johnson who majored in fantasy football during his college fraternity years. Nick guides the AOA crew through their first fantasy football drafts and David gets one step closer to becoming the bucket-hat-wearing bro he has always dreamed of.…
David, Harrison, and Andrew hang out with the piscean, four-dimensional witch changeling formerly known as Kevin McDonald who gives everyone a tarot card reading. Special appearance made by King Papajohns, who can be heard in the guise of echos throughout the episode. (Note: this episode not yet sponsored by Papa Johns.)…
In this episode, David, Harrison, and Andrew are finally joined by their illustrious producer Arlin Ladue who sets out on a mission to identify which of the three hosts is carrying the podcast thus far and most deserving of the being center in the eventual Act Our Age photoshoot.Act Our Age による
David and Andrew win the lottery, invent a sleep walking wearable device, revisit their plan to make a Marauders map of Tufts University’s library, realize that Andrew still has no idea what a five act structure is, and discuss the merits of goals and the self-help phenomenon. Also: still no Arlin.Act Our Age による
David and Andrew bring on a relative Hollywood expert and literal relative of Andrew, Matt Morgenthaler, to discuss Avril Lavigne’s label as “most dangerous celeb for internet malware,” the historic Emmy’s, why TV is succeeding where movies are failing, how movies are becoming more like TV, and the future of media content. Also: Is Arlin a real per…
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