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The official podcast of NHPCO connects you with experts and leaders in hospice and palliative care with pertinent discussions about timely issues facing the field today. Judi Lund Person and Jennifer Kennedy will focus on pressing regulatory, compliance and quality topics and team NHPCO will focus on additional news of importance.
http://NHL.com's Adam Kimelman and Mike Morreale are your go-to resources on the NHL Draft. From ranking top prospects and dissecting team needs to chatting with scouts and executives and conducting mock drafts, NHL Draft Class provides comprehensive and exclusive coverage of the NHL Draft that can’t be found anywhere else.
Join http://NHL.com’s Dan Rosen for in-depth analysis on the biggest news in the NHL and insightful conversations with hockey scribes, broadcasters, players, coaches, and front office personnel, providing fans with an informative, fun and unique listening experience.
http://NHL.com’s Pete Jensen and Rob Reese have the 24/7/365 pulse of the fantasy hockey world. Whether you play daily fantasy or are in a season-long league or pool, the NHL Fantasy on Ice podcast brings the knowledge and advice to give you an edge over your competition. The hosts and their guests also dip their toes into the ever-growing world of sports betting.
In the ScuttlePuck NHL Hockey Podcast, irreverent Hockey Outsiders Mike Bonn and Dale Hoard give their less than expert opinions on all things hockey. Whether it's the National Hockey League, the International Ice Hockey Federation, Canadian Hockey League, NCAA or Minor Hockey, we give our take, from a fan's perspective. We focus mainly on NHL events and discussions but if there is a good hockey story to be told, we're on it!
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Nếu khán giả âm nhạc tìm kiếm sự bền vững và cảm hứng sáng tạo không ngừng nghỉ thì chắc chắn nhóm nhạc Anh quốc, Coldplay sẽ được xướng tên đầu tiên. Giản dị, nhẹ nhàng, âm nhạc đời thường của Coldplay còn phản ánh góc nhìn toàn cầu hóa, khái quát mọi diễn biến chính trị-xã hội trên thế giới. Cảm hứng âm nhạc đời thườngThành lập từ năm 1996, nhóm …
The coronavirus pandemic has isolated a lot of us, but it’s also brought community institutions together in a new way. In New Hampshire's North Country, a daily zoom call has become essential for leaders managing the fallout of the pandemic.Sarah Gibson による
Scratch the cat is at it again, chasing Luther and Belfry. The mice escape onto a log in the river and think they've escaped danger until, plunging into the water, they are pursued by an even greater danger––a monstrous fish! A nail-biting chase ensues, where it's certain the mice are goners. In desperation they cry out for Theo to save them, which…
- Chuyên mục Chat với người nổi tiếng: NHÓM 1977 VLOG - “CƠN GIÓ LẠ” CỦA CỘNG ĐỒNG YOUTUBE VIỆT NAM. Khách mời là chủ nhân của 1977 Vlog – hai anh em sinh đôi Nguyễn Trung Anh và Nguyễn Việt Anh. Chủ đề : 1977 Vlog --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vov1vhxh/support
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