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The Professional Homegirl (PHG) Podcast™ is an informative podcast that interviews women anonymously who have survived addictions, overcame generational curses, and a multitude of life lessons. This podcast aims to show the full range of women of color living full lives that they have worked to have. Listen here and subscribe to The Professional Ho…
A nosy sister-in law is getting too close for comfort. Can spouses take back statements about doing better or nah? Do muscles and being tall always translate to everywhere else including below the equator? See for privacy information.Premiere Networks による
Shirley got some new stuff that will debut tomorrow in ATL. Sir Charles and Gayle King may have a new journey together. The deal is almost sealed. Lionel Richie made a startling revelation. From all night long to a fierce 15 minutes. See for privacy information.Premiere Networks による
Sleep with someone you can't stand, but sex is amazing or sex with someone extremely attractive and sex is below average? Sleep with your cousin or ex? Sex with celebrity crush or crush from back in the day? See for privacy information.Premiere Networks による
Audrey Hale was under doctor's care for an emotional disorder and it was said that she was able to legally purchase the guns used in the shooting. There should be more monitoring and regulation on guns PERIOD!!! See for privacy information.Premiere Networks による
What does a white girl with rich parents bring? Cheating husband is another woman's soulmate. DAMN!!! How stupid do husband's look when they are participating in chisme with the female neighbor? Who wants to be married to the silliest man on earth? See for privacy information.…
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