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Welcome to Our Podcasts on all matters relating to Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS or PPCS), & mTBI in which all important aspects of the condition, life with PCS, Healing gradually & much more will be discussed with honesty, in-depth & with enough humour to help You on your healing journey. Find Us at : Twitter : Blog @ Wordpress : Thanks for Listening! ...
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Episode 58 - Kim Birkhimer Joins Us to Discuss Oxidative Stress in Brain Injury, Neurofeedback, Neutrogenomics & Caregiving... The Video link mentioned for this episode - ABC Report : Kim's Store link : --- Send in a voice message:…
Exploring the secondary and tertiary links between early life trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, Abuse and the latter effects of MTBI, TBI & STBI which lead to PCS & PPCS... A tough listen for anyone in the system!--- Send in a voice message:
Sam Gillet tells his personal story of recovery and adapting to life after suffering mTBI in football & talks about his current mission to help others recover, survive, and prosper through a positive mindset. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode I chat with Brittany Brin about recovering from STBI, living with PCS and using Yoga, holistic means and spiritual practices to effect a successful recovery. A powerful and moving episode filled with insights... Brittany's Social Media Links: Brittany Brin Instagram link: @brittany_brin Facebook:…
Tackling trauma, healing from brain injury and using unconventional means in as world that is intent commercially on not healing us by the best means possible. Often we need to look back to our roots...--- Send in a voice message:
Dr Ralph Cornwell, Chris Ledgerwood and Rob Stolker go head to head to chat about everything sports Concussion related. This is a chance to learn and grow so much. Many thanks to all the protagonists.--- Send in a voice message:
John Byler of the BISON Foundation from Kansas joins me for our half centenary chat to discuss his book, work and life. As colorful and entertaining chat 10 years in the making... --- Send in a voice message:
An enlightening chat in the initial stages on sports, concussion children dealing with concussions, between 3 Fathers all familiar with PCS for varying reasons... You can find Chris on Twitter @ai_ledge or email him at : Rob on Twitter @hbsports4girls also : And Myself... Twitter @PostConc…
This is a contravention to the propaganda you may have been bombarded with for the last 8 months or so by an utterly biased, corrupt and corporate media and big pharmaceutical industry mafia. Any opinions are solely my own, so listen with discretion... But please listen. Twitter @PostConcussion & @Davige74 Facebook :…
Why is June 24th Post Concussion Syndrome Awareness Day? Twitter @PostConcussion & @Davige74 Facebook : Wordpress blog : itunes Podcast :…
An enlightened chat with Zak Shafique about his personal struggle with PCS and life adjusting to the challenges of post concussive illness.... Twitter @PostConcussion & @Davige74 Facebook : Wordpress blog : https://postconcussions…
A good no holds barred chat with Veronica Frost from Manchester UK in which we explore living in the UK, recovering from Brain Injury, and surviving... --- Send in a voice message:
Chatting with Dr Ralph Cornwell about prevention, his work and research down the years, NFL, Baseball, migraines and much more... --- Send in a voice message:
Sylvain Mancuso of Concussion Heroes in Moncton, NB Canada joins me for a chat about concussion prevention in sports, The Wildcats & his vision as an Osteopath & Physiotherapist...--- Send in a voice message:
Looking to this challenging time for humanity we can find hope, community and new ways to support each other through our journeys towards healing... --- Send in a voice message:
Here is my update on the PCS Awareness cause and your messages, stories and opinions expressed about how brain injury has effected you and your families. Please contact me to get involved. --- Send in a voice message:
Additional Affirmations for depression, anxiety, pain, brain fog and emotional issues associated with Post Concussion Syndrome. Also a shout out and update on my new Fibromyalgia Awareness Podcast out Today! --- Send in a voice message:
An introduction & guide to using & following the positive power of Affirmations... And a 20 minute guided positive guided relaxation with Affirmations to help you heal. --- Send in a voice message:
In this short episode you can learn how to tune in for free physical and emotional support through Reiki distant healing. I explain simply how to do this in 10 minutes. --- Send in a voice message:
A special episode detailing alternatively natural remedies, and healing methods for PCSAWW & CSLHG groups on Facebook. --- Send in a voice message:
Join Our Very Own Gina Hubert from Christchurch New Zealand in Exploring Ways to Recover, and Creative Ideas to Aid You in Your Recovery Journey. --- Send in a voice message:
A great in-depth chat with Jaime Thibodeaux about her journey through PCS, Chiropratic treatments, Coping through Christmas, Hockey and much much more... --- Send in a voice message:
How to keep actively seeking to help yourself through the worst times post injury. Many ways to exercise that benefit you following mTBI.--- Send in a voice message:
I'm this episode I chat with Teresa Matty in a deeply personal conversation about her own experiences with PCS and recovery. This is a very intimate discussion about the issues that many of us have daily. --- Send in a voice message:
What can be done to reduce, help and heal PCS related Headaches? Do medications help beyond supression, or is it best to get to the root causes no matter how deeply rooted? --- Send in a voice message:
Exploring how the PCS bomb can totally impact your closer personal, family and loving relationships from day 1. What to expect, how to deal with the aftermath, and strategies to diffuse the bomb. --- Send in a voice message:
Discussing the harder aspects of PCS no holds barred with Bryan Starr. This is a no holds barred chat about all aspects of life, living with the effects of Invisible Disabilities... --- Send in a voice message:
A wonderful talk by our very own Gina Hubert from Christchurch New Zealand, covering creativity in Art and making mosaics, and more. Also messages and questions on PCS.--- Send in a voice message:
By shifting from a singular mindset of looking for the elusive 'silver bullet' to heal you you can employ a variety of means in unison. Taking a look at Reiki, energy healing, Bowen Technique Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Cranial Sacral, Kotodama, and much more... --- Send in a voice message:…
Looking at how to approach the issues of what PCS can take from you. From grief of your old life slipping away, to dealing with depression, anxiety, disassociation and being isolated - how can you really start to live again and how long will that process take? --- Send in a voice message:…
In this second part of our conversation we discuss everything from food for brain healing, to nutrition, natural medicine and much more... --- Send in a voice message:
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