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GPa and GirlPower!

GPa and GirlPower!

GPa (Jeff) and GirlPower 1 (Ellie G)

Hosted by GirlPower 1 (Ellie G.) and her GPa (Jeff). This podcast is a celebration of grandparents and their relationship with their grandchildren. Lots of activities, humor and plain old FUN!!! The topics will range from the silly, like why there is so much magic coming out of a unicorns butt, to the serious, like how to adapt to a new school and how we can help children in war-torn areas. Grandparents and grandchildren the world over love each other and let's have fun with that relationshi ...
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The most popular mystical creature in the pre-teen world is the...Unicorn. We discuss every aspect of this mythical beast including why they have the most popular bottoms in the world. From healing horns to rainbow farts, this is your go to for all things unicorns.GPa (Jeff) and GirlPower 1 (Ellie G) による
God's Diamond Girlz were created to be: The SALT of the earth. The LIGHT in dark places. It's time for to STOP looking for approval, validation, and acceptance BE the DIAMOND that the master creator appointed you to BE. Others are waiting on your GIFT so the can be set FREE 💎🙏🔥.
Attention moms and dads!!! How many broken promises have you made? How did it make you feel? How did your child feel? BROKEN PROMISES cause many negative RESULTS. SUCH AS: A girl feels like "she is not loved", a boys feels like "Dad is not proud of me!"What if God's words where BROKEN PROMISES?
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