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A special Valentine's message just for you! Do you ever have a hard time looking past the baggage in your life and seeing what God sees? God LOVES you! His love is patient, His love is kind, AND His love is for you! Tune in for this encouraging...Kevin Fetterhoff による
What is keeping you from living your best life?? Is it alcohol? Maybe it is spending too much time on social media! Whatever it is--maybe it is time to give it up! Lead Pastor Kevin Fetterhoff preaches an inspiring message from Hebrews 12 on how we...Kevin Fetterhoff による
Today we can rejoice in our source of hope and help, even in the midst of the fear and uncertainty dominating the landscape in our present reality. Please join Pastor Kevin in turning to John 6, as we consider three important ways that Jesus worked to...Kevin Fetterhoff による
Sometimes our life circumstances and the fear of what might happen threaten to rob us of our joy. In this second week of Advent, Pastor Kevin unpacks the reasons that Joseph needed a “fear not” from the angel when life took an unexpected turn.Kevin Fetterhoff による
In this first message in the season of Advent, Pastor Kevin delivers a message centered upon hope. Has God given you a promise? How does it impact the way you live each day? Please open your Bible to Luke 2 as we consider two people who were waiting...Kevin Fetterhoff による
In the Bible, Paul and Silas experienced both highs and lows in their ministry career. It may seem easy to thank God when things are going smoothly. But how do you respond when God’s will takes you along paths you didn’t expect to go? Today Pastor...Kevin Fetterhoff による
Today Pastor Dwight Addington continues our message series, ThanksLiving: A Lifestyle of Praise. How do you respond to a God like our God? Does thankfulness come naturally? In Psalm 100, David addresses three key elements that describe what true...Dwight Addington による
Today Pastor Kevin begins a new message series, ThanksLiving: A Lifestyle of Praise. What is your Gratitude Quotient? Are we quick to get frustrated and lose sight of our blessings? Jesus’ encounter with the ten lepers unfolds in Luke 17, where we see...Kevin Fetterhoff による
Today we continue our current message series, Catch the Vision: The Best is Yet to Come! Drawing from the account of Zacchaeus in Luke 19, Pastor Kathleen looks at what it means to make the most of every opportunity along our faith journey. Let’s...Kathleen Dieter による
Today Pastor Kevin begins a new message series, Catch the Vision, first inviting us to return to the basics of our faith in Jesus Christ. Discovering the purpose of our lives comes by truly connecting with God through Jesus. Let’s consider three...Kevin Fetterhoff による
The human experience can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride of events and corresponding feelings. In 1 Kings 19, Elijah was feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually depleted. Join Pastor Kevin in considering three biblical insights that...Kevin Fetterhoff による
So much in the world is grasping for our attention, trying to usurp a position of priority in our lives. In spite of this, the writer of Hebrews encourages all Christians to be strong in their commitment to Jesus Christ. Join Pastor Kevin in exploring...Kevin Fetterhoff による
Today Pastor Kevin begins a new, short message series called Stand Firm. The world we live in is oftentimes confusing, intimidating, unreasonable, and even hostile. As we seek to navigate this topsy-turvy world, Christ has left us His example, the...Kevin Fetterhoff による
Prayer is a key part of the Christian’s life, but do you ever wonder how to pray? As we conclude the current message series, Pastor Kevin considers three powerful insights from the prayer that Jesus teaches his disciples in Matthew 6, the Lord’s Prayer.Kevin Fetterhoff による
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