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An Interview with Dr. James Dolezal: The Contemplation and Knowlege of the Incomprehensible God “The knowledge of God consists in the perception of his incomprehensibility.” - BasilIRBS Theological Seminary による
A conversation with Dr. James Renihan about the Anabaptists. Who were they and why do we need know about them? How should we view them? Did Anabaptist writings have any influence on the early English Baptists? What are the two types of English Baptists? Who were they? How did they differ? Did either of them have Anabaptist contacts? Part 1 and2 - S…
A conversation with Dr. James Renihan about Biblicism. How shall we think about Biblicism? Is it a problem for the church? How does sufficiency and perspicuity of Scripture inform our understanding of the Biblicism.IRBS Theological Seminary による
An interview with Dr. Michael Prodigalidad, Pastor of Stanmore Baptist Church, Sydney Australia. Michael is also one of our Adjunct Professors of Pastoral Theology. We discuss a number of issues related to pastoral administration including communication, stewardship and leadership development.IRBS Theological Seminary による
An interview with Dr. James Renihan on why should we study and preach the Psalms. Thoughts on superscriptions, different types of Psalms, maskils and interpreting the Psalms in light of Christ.IRBS Theological Seminary による
A roundtable discussion on Hermeneutics with Dr. Richard Barcellos. We discuss the importance of learning how to read and interpret the bible. What is the letter and what is the Spirit of biblical interpretation? Are we to emulate the hermeneutical methods of the Apostles? What is Christocentricity?IRBS Theological Seminary による
Books Reviews! Book reviews! Book reviews! A bit on the Psalms, Apologetics, Baptist History and even Star Trek. Live long and prosper! O. Palmer Robertson, The Flow of the Psalms: Discovering Their Structure and Theology J.V. Fesko, Reforming Apologetics: Retreiving the Classic Reformed Approach to Defending the Faith Matthew Bingham, Orthodox Rad…
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