The queen of lickable treats: Meet Brandi Barker, creator of the Bark Pouch


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School For The Dogs' trainers and clients love treats that dogs can lick straight from a container. One woman has cornered this market, and we're so glad. Her name is Brandi Barker. She started out training dog, but now is the fulltime force behind Bark Pouches, which are little squirt bottles filled with shelf-stable deliciousness. She and Annie talk about how she entered the world of dog training, how she came up with her product, and more.

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Partial Transcript:

[Intro and music]


Hello folks. Thank you for being here. I am here with Brandi Barker, who has the world’s best last name if you’re into dogs [laughs].

And Brandi who is joining us from Chicago? I believe.


I actually moved to Columbus, Ohio.


Oh, okay. From Columbus, Ohio. Why don’t you tell us about your amazing product and then we can go from there.


Okay. Sounds good. So it’s called Bark Pouch, and it’s dog treats in a pouch. Everything is human grade. And I try to keep the ingredients really minimal and I have multiple sizes. I have multiple —


Sorry to interrupt you, but explain it. Let’s explain what a pouch is because it has different meanings.


Okay. Okay. So you want me to start over then?


No, no, no, just go ahead.


Okay. So it’s it’s dog treats in a pouch. So if you’ve ever seen the applesauce pouches, or the yogurt pouches that kids eat from, it’s basically like a paste type consistency that you just hold down for your dog and squeeze a tiny bit. They lick straight from the pouch. So it’s, I really design them for walking and training just to make that process easier for people.


What’s funny is I have a toddler. And she eats now from these kinds of pouches all the time, but I feel like my first exposure to this kind of pouch was through Bark Pouch. And then I was like, Oh, wait, they make these for children too. And actually some of the ones that they make for children, I think you can also use for dogs.

But yeah, so we’ve been carrying your product for several years now, and they are so genius because they’re lickable. And as trainers we are very into treats that can be licked straight from the container for so many reasons. One reason that I think that people might not think about is when you’re working with dogs all the time, as so many of us are, your hands get really gross

and your pockets get really gross. So having something that can simply be given straight from the container into a dog’s mouth is great.

Love using it for especially outside, love using it for stuff like muzzle training. So many reasons. And recently we have been selling so many more Bark Pouches before because they used to have to be stored frozen, and then put in the refrigerator after use, but by some magic of production, they are now shelf stable as of a few months ago. And so we’ve been shipping them all over the country.

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